The Spinnin’Guru • Ask Ms Spinster

Patsy receives accolades for her teaching techniques in the states and abroad. She is known for her understanding of the art of spinning and all aspects of spinning wheels and creating yarns.

She delights in seeing her students reach that “aha” moment in their spinning skill set. Relaxed and thorough – you’ll enjoy working with Patsy in class. She is totally committed to teaching spinners efficient ways to create their own source books of yarns.

Sampling and record keeping create invaluable yarn collections for choosing and repeating yarns when needed.

Patsy says, “Having taught spinning and weaving over 30 years, I continue my own fiber explorations, weave with my handspun, write, and teach across the USA and internationally.” Patsy’s three videos continue to be favorites.

“Textiles include fibers, yarns, fabrics, and finished goods. I enjoy all the processes, all the decisions. I also enjoy teaching others to do the same. I take pride in providing accurate, clear, and understandable information.”

Patsy Sue Zawistowski

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