Word and Sacrament

Christus Victor Lutheran Church, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA

My newest liturgical art was created in 2005. The machine appliqued pieces reflect my interpretation of the Lutheran concepts of Word and Sacrament, Communion and Baptism. the pulpit and altar pieces are shaped to fit the furniture. The banner is 42 by 72 inches. Click on each photo for an enlargement.

The Spirit Comes

St. Thomas Lutheran, Bloomington,IN , USA

Patsy created a pair of these commissioned banners in the spring of 2003, for an ordination celebration. One banner stays here at the church and the second one was a gift to the newly ordained Pastor.

The original design is machine appliqued from commercial fabrics. It measures about 30 by 48 inches.

The Promise of Baptism

Created for ELCA Indiana-Kentucky Synod Assembly 2002, Louisville, KY, USA

Then purchased by St. Thomas Lutheran, Bloomington, IN, USA

Patsy created this commissioned piece in 2002 for a backdrop during the Assembly. Later it was purchased by St Thomas to hang in their Heritage Hall

The original design, consisting of three large panels is handpainted on cotton fabric and outlined with machine applique. Each panel measures about 5 feet by 6 feet.

Lectio Divina

St. Thomas Lutheran, Bloomington,IN , USA

Patsy created this commissioned piece in the spring of 2002, which hangs in the entrance to the church sanctuary.

The original design is machine appliqued from commercial fabrics. It measures 40 inches by 30 inches.

The Way

Our Saviour’s Lutheran ELCA, Greeley, CO, USA

Using all handspun yarns, dyed with natural dyes, Patsy created this commissioned piece in 1988, which hangs in the entrance to the church.

The original design is woven in a balanced weave tapestry style to make the most of her handspun yarns. It measures 36 inches by 63 inches.

Fused Silk Gospel Book Cover

St. Thomas Lutheran ELCA, Bloomington, IN, USA

Silk paper or felt is created by fusing together loose silk fibers with a textile medium. The resulting fabric has a texture much like leather.

This cover incorporates silk paper from white Bombyx silk, honey colored Tussah silk and dark cinnamon dyed Tussah silk. It also features both the smooth and the rough sides of a fine leather. The design is a copy of the handmade tile design found in the furnishing of the sanctuary, which was originally adapted from a coverlet weaving design. The tiles were created by Jim Halvorson of Bloomington, IN.

Pentecost Flames

St. Thomas Lutheran ELCA, Bloomington, IN, USA

Using commercial fabric from Guatemala and the United States, plus handwoven dyed chennille fabric from the loom of Suzanne Halvorson, Bloomington, IN, Patsy created this award winning, three dimensional, center hanging.

The original design hangs from a triangular hanging devise. The tops of the flames are sewn upon black netting, then the three points come together with a clip. The large centers of the flames are open and allowing large dangling sequins to move with the air currents. Each of the three flame banners are slightly different.

Miracles, Cast Your Nets on the Other Side

La Iglesia San Marcos, Chipiacul, Guatemala

St. Thomas Lutheran ELCA, Bloomington, IN, USA

This collaborative banner hangs both in a small church in Chipiacul, Guatemala, and in St Thomas Lutheran Church of Bloomington, Indiana, to celebrate the Sister Parish relationship between the churches.

Patsy created the design and did the machine applique work. The background is commercial Guatemalan fabric and handwoven pieces are from her own stash and Suzanne Halvorson’s handwoven stash.


Lutheran Campus Ministry Chapel, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA

Here is an altar, lectern, and pulpit set, woven by Patsy from commercial wool yarns.

The altar piece illustrates the triune nature centered in the cross and the new life that it supports with the simple food of the Euchrist. The lectern piece reflects the miracle of baptism and the pulpit reflects the promise that is always with us. The balanced weave tapestry style lends itself to weaving in a border on all four sides.

The King of Kings, Crown and Robe

St. Thomas Lutheran ELCA, Bloomington, IN, USA

These Lenten Banners show the crown of thorns which our Lord – the King of Kings and Prince of Peace accepted, and his royal robes forever marked by the wounds he bore for our sins.

The banner has a large crown of thorns; made from natural color linen, supported by black netting, outlined in red. The circular crown of thorns surrounds the frame which holds the three drapes. Patsy dyed and wove the chennille using various purples but ending in crimson. These drapes fall from the three support arms, and vary in length from 6 to 8 feet.