Silk, Always the Queen of Fibers

1-2 or 3 days

Not hair, down, or wool! Silk, a gift from the lowly caterpillar, is perhaps the most mysterious of our fibers. Degumming hard cocoons into soft, spin-able fibers is the first task. Then spin a comparison study of the silk fibers currently for sale. Explore a variety of handspinning techniques spinning domesticated Bombyx as expanded mawata hankies, noils or sari threads. Indian Muga and wild Tussah silk are used in natural and dyed combed tops.

Pygora Goats and Their Positively Pleasing Fibers

1 day

Pygora is a marvelous fiber that is making a comeback with heavenly clouds of fiber and glowing rovings. The result of crossing two breeds of goats had been a precarious ranching venture. Today the breed has a strict structure to insure 3 different quality fibers for spinning. Learn how to optimize your wheel for fine spinning as you learn how to make the most of this fine fiber.

Mohair the Marvelous Diamond Goat Fiber

1-2 days

Mohair is one of the most intriguing and confusing fibers on the market. The fiber comes in many grades and forms; has body and luster; plus charisma and cautions. This class is designed to help the spinner understand which grade of mohair, and which style of spinning is suitable for the desirable project, and what techniques are truly helpful. Starting with dirty mohair learn how to wash and dye the fibers before spinning.

Alpaca & Llama: Fiber of the Gods and The Peasants

1-2 days

What is regal, expensive, and reserved for the king? Alpaca! These fine, smooth fibers come in a multitude of colors, from two very different animal types huacaya and suri. What is light weight, warm, soft or strong? Fiber from the loveable llama! This friendly, personable, strong, brother-like, animal was part of the family carrying their heaviest loads. Today these wonderful fibers are available to spinners as fleece, roving, and cleaned top. Explore these fibers in class and choose your favorite.

Downy Fibers: Dealing with Downright Daunting, Expensive, Undercoat Fibers

1-2 days

Take control of your daunting precious fibers. Buffalo, cashmere and cashgora from goats, angora bunny, yak and camel down are downright daring after you paid the price. They can be spun with relative ease after learning how to properly tune-up your wheel, improve your preparation techniques and execute correct drafting styles. Learn which expensive fibers you like best. Add tussah silk for the final luxurious note

Angora Bunny, the Awesome Fuzzy Fibers

1 day

Angora bunnies are cute, fluffy, fiber producers. This fascinating fur fiber is in a category of its own, not wool, down or hair. The fiber can soften a yarn, create a fuzzy halo or imitate fur. Learn about the breed types and the special characteristics to consider when choosing and spinning this readily available fiber. Spend a day learning techniques for preparing, carding, blending and spinning angora.