Optim Wool Fibers, the Most Select Fibers from Australia

half day

Which fiber has silk’s luster, cashmere’s softness, and wool’s spinning ease? Optim™ Wool Fibre. This 2004 Australian break-through process – permanently stretches fine wool fibers, reducing them to the diameter of cashmere, creating a very luxurious fiber with excellent qualities. Learn to spin and make the most of this exquisite fiber.

Bring a spinning wheel or lightweight spindles; learn how to prepare your wheel and your hands to spin and make the most of this exquisite fiber.

Banana, Corn, Milk & Soy: Spinning Your Lunch Fibers

1 day

In the early 1900’s, science had shown the way to regenerate cellulose fibers This encouraged the next quest to create fiber from a protein, and led to the creation of fibers from items we recognize as foods – soy, milk protein, corn and banana (not the fruit but the stalk). These fibers are sold now as Soysilk, INGEO™ Silk Latte, and banana fibers. These are very soft, fine fibers, which mimic silk and cashmere. Learn the differences between these fibers as you spin and ply to make the most of their natural beauty.

High Tech Manufactured Fibers

2 days

Today’s spinners have a wide variety of manufactured fibers available for spinning alone or enhancing natural fibers by plying or blending. Learn the fascinating history of manufactured fibers that began with a quest to reproduce silk like a silkworm. Work with rayon, nylon, shiny Mylar fiber and even the newest fibers: Tencel, SOYSILK®, bamboo rayon, Ingeo™ fiber and Optim™ stretched wool. This class will help you decide why, when and how you might want to use these exciting fibers.