Woolen & Worsted

Intermediate Preparation and Spinning Skills, 1-2 or 3 days

Learn the secrets to spinning soft fuzzy yarns for creating lightweight warm knitted garments and smooth faultless yarns perfect for weaving or intricate knitted patterns. As you concentrate on carding, combing, long draw and worsted drafting, you will be challenged to work toward yarns of different sizes and amounts of twist including fine and thick with different fleece. Take charge, and learn to spin the yarn that you want now.

Wool Spinners Tune Up

Intermediate Beginners, 1 day

We often don’t understand exactly how our wheel works or how it is different from our best friend’s wheel even though we can spin and ply wool with it. This class reviews the different types of wheels, drive ratios, take-up issues, and maintenance hints. We will also review various preparations, drafting, and plying techniques. Added together you will understand many of the dynamics affecting your spinning and your yarns.

Fine Wool Handspun Yarns

Intermediate, 1 day

Do you look longingly at other spinners super fine yarns and wonder how they are created. . Learn the secrets of fine spinning, and then plan to create that special shawl or scarf from spider weight yarns that you spun yourself. This class, geared for intermediate spinners, will start you on your way. We will work with fine rovings, merino locks, and Optim™ stretched wool. We will practice scouring locks, combing and spinning with a worsted draw to achieve those superfine lightweight yarns.