Hemp, Ramie, Bamboo and Tencel: Cellulose Fibers Old & New

1-2 days

Hemp, ramie, Bamboo, and Tencel™, are all important cellulose fibers for today’s spinners to understand. Three are very old and two are very new. We will prepare, dye, spin and ply all of them to fully understand their differences. Blends, novelties and combination yarns will be taught so you will know how to spin the ultimate cellulose yarns for summer shawls, tops and scarves.

Flax a Very Old Spinning Challenge

1 day

Flax is a classic fiber, albeit very different than wool. It’ll easily become another joy of spinning after you learn new techniques to manage its particular characteristics. This class teaches you quick ways to dress a distaff with long-line flax, wet-spin line or roving, and scour finished yarns. While fibers are provided, you’ll bring a spinning wheel or medium-weight spindle. Distaffs can be attached to your wheel, free-standing or one of several improvised creations from directions sent with supply lists.

Cotton: The Handspinner’s Last Great Frontier

1 day

Take charge; don’t feel intimidated by cotton anymore. This notoriously short fiber is easily tamed and mastered by changing a few simple techniques. Cotton is always soft, easy care, washable and machine dryable. It’s a great yarn for weaving, crochet and lacey knits. It is available in a variety of natural colors, and preparations. Learn how to gin, card and prepare a puni – the perfect short fiber spinning package.