Manufactured Fibers and Facts for Textiles

Holographic, coated cotton, bi-component, UV color changing, stretch wool, stainless steel; are some of the descriptors for today’s weaving threads and yarns. Like the retro-reflective yarn used on my bike helmet scarf.

Our spinning baskets have fibers grandmother never heard of: Tencel™, fake cashmere, Seacell™, sparkly nylon, Eco-spun™, metallic, banana, and soy silk.

Understanding the history of these man-made fibers helps you explore the possibilities. This hands-on presentation reviews the history, forms and samples of man-made fibers and yarns on the current market. There will be plenty of fibers and yarns to feel and time for questions and answers.

You know you see these fibers in our markets, come and learn why and if you need them.