Spinning Wool: Basics and Beyond


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This is a beginning to intermediate level class. United States shipping is included in the price as it is not available for download. For overseas shipping please email me spins @ spinninguru.com to get a correct quote on shipping fees.

This DVD covers, Wheels, Fiber Preparation, and Spinning Techniques

102 minutes

This is a very comprehensive spinning course in a small container.

It is designed for the beginning to intermediate spinner and allows you to work at your own pace.

Understanding or choosing your wheel is the first topic. A thorough description of the three varieities of spinning wheels concludes with a clear explanation of how the various speed whorls work.

The second section covers basic drafting techniques and size control. There are exercises to help the student choose between drafting styles and pursue different sizes and types of yarn in their spinning. You will learn about choosing and using various commercially prepared wools plus how to wash, card or comb a fleece you may have purchased from a sheep breeder.

The third section clarifies the details of woolen and worsted spinning, with clear instructions.

The last section guides you through the final processes of plying and finishing your yarn. Plying from two bobbins, both ends of a single ball of yarn and the Navajo three ply is carefully presented.

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